Unlimited Thoughts or Thoughts Unlimited


Unlimited Thoughts or Thoughts Unlimited

By Hila J. Esters

Sensing and then knowing that something is missing or no longer right in my life, I have to make a change. Once I identify that ‘something’, I then use my earnest desire and boldness to make a right now decision to change it or to fill it. For me, creating something new or deciding to make a change in my life, causes an influx of unlimited thoughts to arrive.

My initial goal is to funnel the unlimited influx of thoughts that seem to overwhelm me, down to the one thought I desire that is unlimited and full of potential. This thought either lights up the ‘idea bulb’ in my mind or causes a creative flow of connected thoughts to arise in my imagination.

Receiving my initial thought is a process of first quieting and clearing my mind by relaxing, without thinking my own thoughts. Doing this allows me to recognize and receive the new unlimited thought I desire. This thought is full of creative potential. As I allow this one thought to remain in my mind without trying to mix it with my present way of thinking, other new thoughts that are associated with this one thought begin to funnel through all the influx of unwanted thoughts, join to it and cause it to expand.

Now, I have given myself the opportunity to partake of powerful life-changing thoughts that are unlimited in potential. By allowing myself to imagine the need fulfilled or changed, I can move forward in my spirit and mind by stepping into these unlimited thoughts and allow myself to enjoy discovering, arranging, changing and living in the now of my imagination. As my thinking changes, what I say and do also changes. Proverbs 23:7 tells us, For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

To show you how simple this process is to accomplish new goals, let’s take a train ride! We will refer to our spirit and mind as the engine, an individual thought as a boxcar and our associated thoughts as boxcars that hook up to the lead car, finishing the train. The engine pulls the long line of hooked together box cars which represent your patterns of thought. These patterns of thought are how we think concerning any subject or given situation in our lives.

Knowingly or unknowingly the thoughts we live by, try to keep us traveling on a nice neat figure eight train track watching the same scenery or the never-ending long distance track we created or accepted at some point in our lives. To change our thoughts or create new patterns of thought, we must change the individual boxcars beginning at the root of the matter, which is the lead car behind the engine. Sometimes our patterns of thought do not need to change, but we have to switch to another track. Throwing the switch to travel on a new track represents changing your surroundings. Enjoy the unlimited potential of your new thoughts!