To Believe Only


To Believe Only

By Hila J. Esters

In my lifetime, I’ve had many opportunities to believe that the power of God would either lead me further into his blessings or would help me out of life’s unwelcomed situations.  How did I learn to believe in God this way?  Since my early childhood, I have continually sought after and experienced the privilege of having conversations with God.

At three years old, after hearing the preacher at our Methodist church talk about God, I began to wonder where he was.  I couldn’t find him in the stained glass windows at church.  Knowing that my mother had gone to church all of her life, I thought, she must know where he is.  One day, I decided to ask her.  The decision I made that day to ask my mother about God changed my life forever.  She said, ‘God is in heaven.  He is invisible and you can talk to him any time you want.’  Immediately, I went outside and began what now has been many, many conversations and encounters with my heavenly Father.

To Believe Only is a quest and a challenge to everyone who desires to live life with Christ in God.  Every godly step you take in Jesus’ name, requires a decision, a choice, and action.  After Jesus ascended into heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit with an innumerable company of angels to earth.  To be led by the Holy Spirit with the assistance of God’s angels is a powerful experience.  We are to continually allow the flow of God’s life-changing power into our spirits, through our souls and bodies, and out into any situation we encounter.

How do we accomplish this?  To live our lives with the knowledge that ‘with God all things are possible,’ we must develop and maintain a continuous spiritual relationship with God our Father.  Loving trust is a must.  After all, this is God!  He is All Powerful, All Knowing, and Present Everywhere!  Developing a relationship with God means that you can talk to him about anything – the good, the neutral and the bad at any time.  He already knows all about it and has an answer or direction for you.  That’s why you can trust him with the solution to any problem, the answer to any question, the decisions you need to make and so forth.

He is right here with us, his knowledge is inexhaustible and so is his power.  Our only quest is to flow with him as we challenge ourselves to go spiritually deeper and higher with him.  Our view is a heavenly one, not from earth.  Our thoughts and ways are to align with his thoughts and ways, not ours.  He flows according to his good pleasure, not ours.  Our heavenly Father is pure and knows what is best for us.  He is Life, Love, and Light.  Sickness, lack of a job, depression, money problems, imminent danger, and violence, etc.  Ask him. By faith, do what he shows you, say what he says, and Believe Only.