The Key to Freedom


The Key to Freedom

By Hila J. Esters

The key to freedom is sometimes found in a very elusive place. What is an elusive place? Anything elusive is hard to get a hold of. It eludes you. Almost all of us have had wonderful dreams where we are living our lives very differently. We have the things or we’re doing the very things we’ve always desired. Where is that place in our dreams? How do we get there from here? Is it attainable? Yes!!

Has someone you know ever pointed out a flaw you have and then just walked away without giving you an explanation? One day, I heard the voice of God calmly say to me, ‘You’re too critical.’ That’s all he said. My immediate response was, ‘I’m not critical!’ Oh, but I was! I didn’t realize it because it was masked in containers of what I thought was right and wrong. The key to my freedom was to discover the elusive hidden place within me that was making the critical determinations for me. Of course, the solution didn’t come overnight. I was led to the realization and discovery of my critical thoughts one cooperative step at a time.

We hear people say all the time that they are living their dreams. We can wait for our dreams to somehow show up in our lives, or we can go after them within ourselves. I chose to do the latter and go face to face with myself. Changing our daily lives by bringing the reality of our dreams into them requires finding the key to the place that is stopping the transference.

Deciding to set triggers for myself, I first began to notice what emotion I was feeling as the critical thought was coming to me. Then I realized that this emotion caused my eyebrows to narrow. Setting myself to be consciously aware of these two triggers helped me become instantly aware of my critical thoughts, hold them in, and then analyze them. By doing this, I was able to stop my words and then ask and receive from God what caused this particular pattern of thoughts.

My elusive place was covered and blocked with the negative preconceived ideas I had learned over time from others. My critical thoughts and words created a negative pattern of experiences that I had previously accepted as unchangeable. They formed my life by blocking the reality of my dreams from changing it.

Once I discovered the cause of my criticism and the lock that held my life in place, I turned the key to freedom. Opening the door to that no longer elusive place, I meticulously cleaned out the ‘room.’ By allowing my dreams to fill it, I changed my thoughts, thereby changing my imagination, words, and actions. My life changed, and I began to live my dream.

Find the elusive place that holds your life-changing dreams. Decide to face yourself off. Face to face, you can discover what blocks you from living your dreams and turn the key to freedom!