Stepping Through the Veil


Stepping Through the Veil

By Hila J. Esters

After realizing that the things I desired most in life were already inside of me, immediately, I decided to stop waiting for them.  That one decision changed how I lived my life.  I must admit that before this, even though I worked toward and consistently focused on my goals, the results I produced remained hit and miss.  There were times when simply seeing the desired result and then describing it as reality in my life was enough for it to happen just that way.  Other times, not so.

Since what I desired most in life was already within me, I decided that I had to make decisions from the point of possession.  Haven’t we all heard at one time or another the phrase, ‘Possession is nine-tenths of the law?’  It means that ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something, or difficult to enforce if one does not.

Stepping through the veil from the mindset of getting to the joy of having, allowed me to step into the reality of now.  For me to maintain ownership in my thoughts and manifest my possessions, further spiritual education was necessary.  Learning to change from the struggles of working to obtain, to the power of seeing while adding feeling and emotion was absolutely necessary.

Knowing that the spiritual realm is a timeless reality, challenged me to change my thinking from ‘I’m going to get’ to ‘I have it now’.  I had to transition from time-limited thoughts, to in the moment timeless reality thoughts.  To stay in the spiritual reality of the moment requires discipline.  After making the decision to practice this method of present tense thinking, I began checking my thoughts in brief intervals until this way of thinking became habitual.  For my progressive present tense thinking to remain in this now position of possession, I needed to align the power of ‘having it now’ with genuine feelings of joy and grateful emotion.

As my words and actions followed this now way of present tense thinking, limitless possibilities of living and sharing a miraculous manifestation lifestyle presented themselves to me.  After clearly seeing what I already possessed in the spiritual realm, I found myself stepping through the veil with gratitude to view and enjoy the experience of having my heart’s desire before speaking it into the natural realm.  Now, I love the challenge of manifesting into the natural realm of my daily life, what I have already experienced in my limitless spirit.

In times of struggle and uncertainty, when one day seamlessly blends into the next, wouldn’t you like to step through the veil and bring change to your life?  You have the power to take the challenge!  Make the life-changing decision to transition your thinking from ‘time-limited thoughts’ to ‘in the moment thoughts,’ from ‘I’m going to get’ to ‘I have it now’.  Stepping through the veil while simultaneously feeling the limitations of struggle and uncertainty fall away is living with excellence in a magnificent way!