Receive the Holy Spirit

…in earth, as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10

Reflections of Real Life Ministries

The Scriptures tell us that there is a difference between being born of the Spirit (See Salvation) and being filled with the Spirit.  People in the world cannot receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit. The life and nature of God recreates our spirit – our inner man and we become a new creature. (II Corinthians 5:17)  Only born again people can be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Studying the following scriptures will prepare you to receive and give you biblical examples of how to receive the baptism.

Luke 11:11-13          John 7:37-39        John 14:16-17        Acts 1:4-5, 8        Acts 2:32-33        Acts 2:38        Acts 8:12, 14-17 Acts 9:17                    Acts 10:44-46        Acts 11:15-16         Acts 19:22-6

How To Receive the Holy Spirit

1.  Receive the Holy Spirit by faith. Receiving is not a matter of trying to feel something. It is a matter of faith – believing you receive when you pray. You don’t have to tarry for the Holy Spirit.  God already gave the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

2.  Anyone who is saved is ready to receive the Holy Spirit. You don’t have work for the baptism or clean up your life. The blood of Jesus has cleansed you from all sin.  Remove all fear of not receiving.

3.  Expect to receive the Holy Spirit when hands are laid on you or if you are alone, lift your hands to God and expect to receive.

Expect the Holy Spirit to move on your vocal chords and put supernatural words on your lips.  Acts 2:4 says that the Holy Spirit gives the utterance, but man does the speaking. Simply pray to God in the name of Jesus and ask Him to baptize you with the Holy Spirit, then thank Him because it is done.  Now put action to what you believe you have received by opening your mouth and speaking out loud what you hear in your spirit.