My Realm Live

To live The Kingdom Lifestyle in your personal My Realm Live is to Transform Your Power, Strategize Your Position, and Experience The Freedom.
Freedom is the real option. Moving with the crowd will only take you where the crowd is going. Discover your key pivotal moment and opportunity for change. Use it to break free! Rise above what they see, how they think, and what they say and do. In the silence you can hear, then see new possibilities for your life. The Kingdom Lifestyle – it’s your choice.


My online course is available for purchase now.

Course Description

When you sign up for my deep-dive video training, in Module 1, you will learn how to broaden your awareness and receive a new perspective. Module 2 will show you how perception and discovery lead to new possibilities. Module 3 gives you the ability to choose the new possibilities that lead to obtaining your desired results.
Module 1 Awareness and New Perspective
Module 2 Perception and Discovery
Module 3 The Results System
Hila J. Esters is an author, teacher, speaker, and consultant who empowers men and women to awaken to their unique God-given potential, enabling them to step into unlimited possibilities, and change their lives.
Hila is the founder of My Realm Live, which serves people who know life holds more for them.




The entire course is available for only $497. If you take the course and it doesn't deliver for you, you have 30 days to request a full refund – no questions asked.