Ministry earth, as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10

Reflections of Real Life Ministries

Reflections of Real Life Ministries provides people of all ages with spiritual and natural life building skills enabling them to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially while experiencing success financially.  Our Creative Workshops teach you how to freely receive revelation knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the Kingdom, Power, and Glory of God.  We show you how to demonstrate the power of God in his spoken word to accomplish the good pleasure of his will in your life. God made us in his image and after his likeness.  His desire is for us to live our lives, prosper in his purpose and release his will in the earth.  Speak the Word of God!  Allow it to change your thinking, your life and the lives of others.




Hila J. Esters ministers the Word of God in power!Mentor Hila J. Esters

Hila teaches you how to freely receive and freely give by:
  • Receiving the Word of God as truth in your heart
  • Manifesting the Word in your life
  • Maintaining a flow and release of blessings into your life and into the lives of others

Romans 4:16 “Therefore it is of faith that it might be by grace…”



Hila's book, Daddy's Little Girl is the story of my life in miracles. It's written to everyone who:
My Life In Miracles
  • Desires to see more
  • Move beyond their present circumstances
  • Change what others call reality


Move forward in life as Hila J. Esters teaches you
  • How to overcome adversity
  • How to acknowledge the goodness of God in you
  • How to release the power of God in you


Hila's book, Your Daddy's So-o-o Big... is a spiritual flow:
From Glory to Glory
  • From the Glory of God
  • Through the Redeeming Blood of Jesus Christ
  • To Resurrection Glory
  • Into your NOW

Each Section of the book which begins with a Your Daddy’s S-o-o-o Big… statement contains scriptural sub-sections which begin with the Old Testament, then step you into the Gospels and through the New Testament. Hila teaches you how to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into the presence of God into your NOW.


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