Living In Transition


Living in Transition

By Hila J. Esters

Life is lived moment by moment in constant transition.  Living a timeless life in the moment where the progressive end exists with the beginning requires spiritual vision, thought-discipline, joy and a powerful release of ‘I believe, therefore I have spoken.’ I don’t know of anyone including myself who expects daily life to stand still for them. Even our habits have to evolve to keep up with change or they begin to hold us back from realizing our dreams.

Change is inevitable so why not be the major element that brings about that change?  I began by realizing that my ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’ question on the outside did not match my who, what when, where, why and how experiences on the inside.  Using my spiritual vision to see myself where I desired to be wasn’t enough.  I had to transition there now by allowing my thoughts, feelings, and words to separate the daily me from the moment by moment me!

Setting goals for myself required that I pass self-imposed awareness checks.  Holding myself regularly accountable for what I was seeing, thinking, and feeling at any given moment during my transition was necessary because my progressive end exists with the joy of beginning my new life experience.  Awareness of faith developed by spiritual change in what I now believed was key before I could progressively use my faith-filled words and actions to joyfully invoke lasting change in my circumstances.  Progressing spiritually while allowing myself to return naturally to the same old me was no longer possible.

Realizing that the progressive end exists with the beginning keeps us on the right track of releasing infinite possibilities in our lives.  “We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak” as written 2 Corinthians 4:13 is applied to our lives daily whether we realize it or not.  We speak what we believe and therefore our lives reflect what we think, say and do.

As you can see, we change our lives from the inside out.  When we stop letting life ‘happen’ to us and choose to happen to life, we step out of deeply dug ruts we’ve formed in our brains by repeatedly thinking adverse thoughts.  Taking the first step up and out of these strategically connected thought ruts allows us to see life differently, hear new sounds, breathe fresh air, feel a new sense of touch, speak from a new perspective and move about freely.

Now that we are aware of living moment by moment in constant transition, the spiritual and natural freedom we realize changes our lives for the better.  Knowing the truth of who holds our most precious dreams, we are able to see the what when, where, why and how of them.  Out of the ruts, we live our dreams as reality now.  Seeing the end, feeling the truth and speaking the change, we change our lives and move on.