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Rev. Dr. Marcus Hart is the author of  Think Possible. Be Possible From Corporal to Higher Consciousness – Marcus Hart is a military veteran who proudly served 5 years in the Army National Guard and 18 months deployed in support of the Iraq war. The U.S. military taught him invaluable life lessons, but also brought unexpected and profound supernatural events.  These personal accounts ushered in a new direction and life path to becoming a Spiritual Advisor, Transformation Mentor, Theologian, Author, and Speaker.

Think Possible Be Possible is a compressed formula of what Marcus learned and experienced in a full year of study of different philosophies, metaphysics, and the teachings found in the New Testament to help provide a solution for individuals who want to bring their thoughts of desire and sense of purpose into a possible reality.

His Transformation Mentorship Program offers guidance in God-appointed professional identity and growth, mental and physical healing, and relationships using faith, imagination, and vision building.

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Other books by Marcus Hart at Amazon: A Simple Way to Connect Spirituality and 30 Days to Transform Mentally and Spiritually