Lessons In My Dreams


Lessons In My Dreams

By Hila J. Esters

When the events I truly expected to manifest in my life seemed to be delayed, I realized that I had to expand my thoughts and ways to a higher level. As I began to examine the previous year and what I deemed as spiritual growth and progress with corresponding actions, I questioned God about the delay.  Was He delaying my promised blessing or was it somehow me?  He answered me by using my dreams to pinpoint and then guide me into the significant personal changes I needed to make before what I desired could take place in my life.

To dream in vivid living color is an adventure waiting to be experienced.  Most of the time I awake feeling good and fully rested as I allow the dream to quickly float away in my mind.  One morning, thinking I was awake, I discovered that I was still asleep.  The storyline of my dreams and my real life involvement in them had significantly changed.  God gave me dreams that were designed to get and keep my attention.

I began to realize that the realistic dream settings, though displayed in single homes or in multiple restroom stalls in different hotels, distinctly portrayed the same core meanings.  Let’s just say that in each dream for some time, the stalls I sought to use needed deep cleaning, including the floors.  At first, believe me, I couldn’t understand what the dreams were about.  As I questioned God, even more, the answer floated up to me.  The scenes represented my thoughts, words, and actions.  The dreams had nothing to do with offensive words, but with negative thinking and the unthoughtful expressions of them.

For the upcoming events I desired to manifest, spiritual and personal progression on my part, was necessary.  The decision to change and advance was mine.  My heavenly Father’s desire was to prepare me not only to receive my blessing but to learn how to maintain it while continuing to grow spiritually and naturally.  His plan is always that we are blessed to be a blessing.

To help me remember the dreams and hold the progressive storylines in my memory, I needed to describe and date the description of each dream as well as the events that took place.  I also recorded how my involvement in them affected me, especially paying attention to the very realistic negative details in the dream.  After asking for and hearing God reveal their meanings and how they applied to my thoughts, words and certain actions, I immediately made the necessary changes.

Finally, as I continued to progress in my thinking, grow spiritually and maintain more positivity daily, the appearance of the restrooms and stalls in my dreams gradually changed.  Eventually, when I walked into a restroom anywhere in my dreams, I found clean, pleasant surroundings.  My dream lessons taught me that what we may think is acceptable to God in our thoughts, words and actions are not necessarily what He thinks is acceptable before manifesting our blessings.