Key Pivotal Moment Coach

Coach Hila J. Esters

Your Key Pivotal Moment is the central turn-a-round moment discovered, changed, and applied to your thoughts, words, and actions, enabling you to live and increase in various areas of your life more powerfully. If you are one who demonstrates the Word of God with resurrection power in Jesus’ name, you will increase according to God’s abundant life perspective found in John 10:10 and exponentially change your life. She affects positive change in people's lives, helping them discover their Key Pivotal Moment, the Master Key that enables transformation.

Hila J. Esters is a spiritual force for God as a speaker, teacher, author, podcast host, visionary thought leader, and coach.

Awaken To Your God-Given Potential

Hila teaches you how and why you should live and flow in rest, in the presence of God.
Value for you:  From no change to a transformed life



Discover Your Key to Change


the problem, then obtain God’s Purpose, Plan, and Strategy
Value for you:  Higher thoughts and ways


move with precision and excellence to obtain the end result
Value for you:  How to move forward in your transformed life
carry out God’s plan from his perspective with creativity and definite purpose
Value for you:  Confidence and success because now you know how to obtain your goals

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