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Angela Gettis of Gettis Ministries and founder of the The Ruth Program.

Sarah Tun is an Author of Free To Be and a Writing Coach.

Prophecy is the CEO of the Christian Hip Hop Label, Real Music Records.

John Rataczak is the Author of several books including, “A Portrait of Jesus”.

GodSquad is a Christian Rap Group – they walk the walk they rap about.

Pastor Devin Miller is the author of The Miracles of Jesus,The Process of Community Building Through Kingdom Expansion.

Avraham Azrieli is the author of Deborah Calling, the latest work in his Deborah Rising series.

Jamila J. Moody is the author of Before The Throne: The Believers Guide to Authentic Worship For Manifested Miracles And A Transformed Life.

Chaz Jackson provides speaking, mentoring and coaching services to encourage others to live, learn and lead as they are powerfully led by God.

Marcus Hart is the author of Think Possible. Be Possible.  He helps people bring their thoughts and sense of purpose into a possible reality.

Sherman is a well-versed producer, songwriter, musician and vocalist, who has spent over twenty-five years in the music industry.

Debbie Marino is the owner of Prophetics Gallery, an international e-commerce website for Prophetic fine artists, artisans, and craftsmen to sell their creative inspired pieces.

Arthur Roland is a Gifted Guitarist, Southern Gospel Artist, Human Justice Humanitarian and Man of God, who has spent 35 years touring, singing, playing, and writing music.

Jennifer Workman is a highly anointed evangelist, accomplished author and media personality with more than fifteen years in the radio, television and publications arena.

Tiana Bunnell-Mumford is a freelance writer, teacher, mentor, and publisher who has worked with children of all ages for the last ten years.  Her nonprofit ministry is, “Beauty Beyond The Eyes Mentoring Program”.