Heaven’s View Live

Over All the Earth

Kingdom Keys Spiritual Flow Chart

We are the Ecclesia, are Believers in God’s family and the governing Body of Christ on earth. We live in the spiritual realm and operate in the natural realm through the living, glorified Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the living, proven Armor of God.  By the indwelling flow of the Holy Spirit, His power, His fruit, and His gifts, we manifest the fruits of righteousness (as it should be), in the earth to the glory and praise of God.

Our connection between heaven and earth is the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are spiritually one in Him, therefore we are spiritually one with each other, whether we are in heaven or in earth.  We are God’s family and there is no distance between the spiritual realm and the earthly realm.

The Lord Jesus Christ is Lord over all. Heaven and Earth are united in Him. He operates and reigns simultaneously in the dimensions of heaven and earth. The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of his Body, the Believers (Church); the Ecclesia.

We, the Ecclesia, are Believers who live and walk in the spirit by faith. In Him we have his identity, access to the supply of heaven and the authority to use the power in his name to carry out God’s will in the earth.

We, the Ecclesia, teach, preach and demonstrate the power of the Word of God to all peoples, tribes, tongues and nations. We manifest the glory of God in the earth. We are The Body of Christ – the sent out ones – The Ecclesia of God.