Hidden In Plain Sight


Hidden In Plain Sight

By Hila J. Esters

Have you ever looked in the mirror of your soul?  What you find there may surprise you, as it did me.  Although a promise from God seemed to be at the point of manifestation, I sensed that instead of manifestation, I had actually come to a spiritual plateau.  Fighting off the opportunity again, to give in to disappointment, I soon realized that before me was another crossroads.  For promises to manifest, we must first receive wisdom and understanding of the responsibilities that are required.  Believing for and receiving the promise is just the beginning.  Therefore, at the new crossroads, new opportunities to learn and experience more with the Holy Spirit were also presented.

Having a made up mind from the beginning to do all that was necessary to experience God’s promise, should have made my choice at the crossroads a simple one.  Choosing to be progressive in the spiritual realm by discovering new levels and dimensions with the Holy Spirit allows the choices I make to be founded in the wisdom of God.  I was surprised to find that the difficulty I faced in aligning with God’s will to pursue his choice for me was embedded within my subconscious mind.  Would my learned wisdom from past crossroads hinder my ability to hear, see and choose the right road?

With expectation mixed with excitement, I geared up to learn something new.  At the same time, I wondered why I was led to another crossroads instead of the manifested promise.  Was it a lesson in patience concerning spiritual to natural timing or was it me?  Because of my love for God, I knew from experience to inwardly commit to change and growth before I asked for and received his wisdom and direction.  Clearing my mind of preconceived thoughts, I set my spiritual focus in God’s light of peace and love.  Asking the Holy Spirit to teach me, and show me my next step of faith, I listened.

In the quietness of my spirit I heard him ask, “Do you believe?”  My immediate answer was ‘Yes!’  Gently he said, “No, you don’t.”  I just sat there in silence.  I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything.  I tried not to think or get emotional.  I kept listening.  He continued, “I’ve led you to a place in your life where you have to dig deeper to go higher.  My calling on your life requires more transparency; more growth.  My desire for you is to receive more than you expect, allowing my promises to flow in you and through you at all times.”

Immediately, I used my imagination to run what I call ‘reality film clips’.  They help me solidify what I truly believe in my heart.  Hidden in plain sight were various ‘what if’ thoughts, comparing the old road to the possibilities of the new one.  Discovering the limiting thoughts enabled me to remove them, align with the God’s will and progressively choose the right road at the crossroads.