Gifted With Dominion


Gifted With Dominion

By Hila J. Esters

The moment I realized the gift of dominion was my responsibility to receive, I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me how. Receiving dominion and then knowing how to walk in it as we live, move and have our being in our Father God is learned. Colossians 1:16-20 tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ has reconciled all things in heaven and earth to himself.

Since I am a joint heir with Jesus Christ, it is my responsibility to learn how to live my life in the glory of his kingdom with my God-given power of dominion. The Holy Spirit began teaching me by asking me to apply dominion to my life. Of course, to accomplish this required me to step outside of my comfort zone.

I began having realistic dreams. Sometimes the dreams put me in negative situations that challenged me to take action before the dream ended. If I didn’t resolve the problem by speaking to it with authority or by doing what I knew to do, eventually I would have the same dream or a similar one. My dreams were also about people I knew or strangers I would possibly meet in the future. My involvement varied, but there was always a decision to be made that sometimes required action.

Instead of wondering what each dream meant, I asked the Holy Spirit. I knew that applying what I heard would change my life. As I waited in silence to hear something profound, he said, ‘I want you to write a book!’ He showed me the title, the layout of the book and then said, ‘Get it done!’

Writing the book with spiritual focus from God’s throne perspective of dominion just as I was shown, allowed me to finish the study manual in two and one-half months. Then I was told to interview people in the ministry, arts and entertainment business on my radio podcast. All of these people were strangers to me. Stepping up to overcome my safe space called ‘I’d rather teach!’, I used social media to reach out to various ministers, authors, singers, and artists who were willing to be interviewed and share their products and services on my podcast.

As dreams, visions and corresponding assignments continue to show me how to unwrap God’s gift of dominion, the Holy Spirit also gives me the opportunity to deal with adversity and resistance in my heart. Love, integrity, and pureness of heart among other godly attributes are a must for anyone who lives and moves in God’s dominion.

The gift of dominion is unwrapped from the good treasure of eternal life and love in our hearts. The treasure you have allowed in your heart, whether good or bad, determines the ease of how you walk in dominion over every situation and circumstance or how they walk over you. Cooperating with the Holy Spirit to reveal the treasure in your heart through your dreams, visions, and imagination invites the excitement of discovery and unwraps your gift of dominion.