Cut the Strings!


Cut the Strings!

By Hila J. Esters

Awareness opens the door of possibility to the previously unknown.  Once we become aware that a situation or fact has held us back from advancing or has locked us down to thinking, ‘I can’t escape’ in any area of personal or social growth, various choices begin to present themselves.  Once our eyes are opened, exploration into various possibilities that have always been there for us begins!

Early one morning, I awoke to a brief three-part vision.  Standing there, held up by dirty old strings, was a dejected, filthy, water-stained wooden boy puppet.  In the silence of the vision, he was very still.  His head was bowed, and his arms hung down at his sides.  I couldn’t see his eyes, but I knew they were closed.  Somehow, I could sense his pain.

The young boy wore an old-time Swedish hat.  Stuck in the band was a bent worn out feather.  His painted on short sleeved ‘white’ shirt was tucked into torn blue cuffed shorts.  Green, tattered, suspenders were buttoned to his shorts.  On his feet were scuffed up, dark brown, wooden clog shoes.

Suddenly, without a pull on the strings, he lifted his head.  His eyes were wide open as if in shock.  Somehow, he suddenly realized something that could no longer remain hidden from him.  I stared at the boy intently as the shock of realization slowly dissipated from his eyes and they gradually transformed to a fixed unshakable determination.  For a brief moment, I thought he could see me.  Now, I was in shock!

As I continued to watch him, wondering how he could suddenly come alive, his eyes narrowed.  The dirty old strings that held him; the tattered, filthy, clothes he wore and the pain he had suffered no longer mattered.  Without help or permission, he lifted his right arm high above his head.  In his hand, held perpendicular to the strings, was a very large pair of scissors.  Without a second thought, he cut the strings!  Did he fall?  No!  He stood there looking at me intently.  What he suddenly realized was that he could stand on his own without someone else thinking for him and especially without the manipulation of strings.

Later, as I reflected on the vision, I began to realize that the young puppet represented most of us at one time or another in our lives.  The unaware, immature puppet represented the manipulation and control by people who lead others to believe that they are ‘in the know.’  They cunningly take advantage of people who aren’t aware of and therefore are not educated in the things they don’t know exist.  These people pull the strings of others to their own advantage.

Sometimes, for some of us, courage springs out of hitting ‘rock bottom.’  Steel nerves and determination are developed quickly when a necessary decision to break loose must be made.  Before we can discover all the new possibilities real life holds for us we must leave the puppet mentality behind and cut the strings!