Achieve Lasting Weight Loss the Renegade Way

Want to reach your weight loss goals AND feel great while doing it?  Yes, please!

It doesn’t matter what season we are in, most of us are always perpetually focused on our weight – and it’s a weight we don’t want!  So, we will take some steps to reduce it by doing what we have always done, but is your approach delivering the long-term results that you want?

We have to wonder why we keep approaching weight loss in the same manner year after year.  Eat less.  Move more.  Isn’t anyone tired of that thinking?

Rebecca did tire of the old ways of thinking and after losing 93lbs, decided it was time to figure out how to keep her weight stable.  For years, she did what you did – lost weight and regained it.  Her approach wasn’t much different than yours, that is until she figured out she was thinking about weight loss in the wrong way.

When completing her Master's degree in Applied Nutrition, she realized that weight loss was more complex than she thought.  There was more to it than slashing calories and exercise.  Other things impacted weight loss, too, such as how you feel during the entire process and how you connect to the Inner You.


Most of us want to circumvent the process and skip the journey to a healthy weight.  But let me ask you something.  Let’s say you could wake up tomorrow with the body you want.  It’s healthier.  Lighter. Leaner.  What then?  Would you know how to treat her?  Would you know what she should eat to maintain that body?  Would you know which daily routines and habits should be in place?

Rebecca created an audio to help you connect to the Internal You and walk you through a visualization of what’s possible if you connect to the future, healthier You.  Now more than ever we need to love on ourselves and see something differently than what we currently see.  That’s why she wants you to have this gift!

Simply click on the link and the audio will be in your inbox shortly!   

Please enjoy!

Hila J. Esters